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Circle with Me

Maiden Mother Circle

Book Club

Since 1997 I have participated in or led Goddess Circles honoring the Diving Feminine energy. I'm honored to bring to you:

The Wild Women Among Us

I grew up in a family with strong female role models. I will not say they always modeled the best for me but of the best they offered there was a strength. It was vocal as in my grandmother and some of my aunts and it was reserved as in my Mother. When I entered high school I was gifted with fierce and amazing teachers. One became a close friend and mentor, two helped to guide me and keep me on track and another (unbeknownst to her) gave me great courage getting me out of my box. I can only imaging they saw in me both a kindred spirit and a wild child in need of steering!


Fast forward to 1997 when I attended my first women's circle event. I had been attending a church for over and year and could not seem to find my bearings. I was not raised in a church environment. My parents were, most likely, believers, yet had left the church once they left their childhood homes. They seemed content to let us find our way to God on our own. Always intensely curious about the spiritual world, when I was invited to attend a weekend with a local women's circle leader, it was as if the mist cleared and I had found my home. This is not to discount the intensely personal and community experiences women in the church find for themselves. It is an offering of an alternative way to connect with Spirit, finding a reflection of our experience as women in the Divine, connecting with something greater than ourselves. 

For the last 25 years I have circled with many women, observed seasonal turns of the year, beat drums, danced by fires, chanted songs, and generally celebrated the energy of the Goddess in both ritual and in life. Now, I invite others to experience that which has given me such joy and peace throughout my maiden and motherhood. You are invited to

Step Into the Circle

"The circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we're weak and sing with us when we are strong." 



Artist Credit:  Arna Baartz

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The Artemis Circle

Join me and my own daughter for a monthly gathering of Mothers (or other caregiver) and Daughters to celebrate the uniqueness of our spirits and our bodies. These circles are offered monthly and will be sometimes centered around the turn of the wheel of the year. 

We will explore topics such as the Divine Feminine, manifestation, moon times (our menstrual cycles), meditation and so much more! We will feast at each gathering as I believe food is central to creating community. We will craft and sing and dance.

We will gather in a safe space where girls can be girls, free to explore what makes them unique without the distractions of the pressures of the world. For more information and to see if this is right for you, visit the Artemis Circle page.

For our daughters
For ourselves.

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