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Artemis Circle

A Mother-Daughter

Celebration of All

that Makes us Unique

as Women!

The Goddess Project Viewing

Bringing the fire of the Wild Woman to our Daughters!

We are born into the cycle of the moon. We most often begin our lives in the bosom of our mothers or other loving caregiver. We play in the mud and spend countless hours in our imaginations. Our connection with the natural world and a place of wonder often declines, yet our menstruation remains tied to the lunar influences on our planet. As women we mature and step into the responsibilities of life - we go to work, marry, become mothers - we sometimes forget the wild fires that burned so brightly when we were young. 

I had the amazing good fortune to have wild women influence me my entire life. I want to return that favor. Let us join together to fan the flame of the Wild Woman in our daughters so that they may go forth into the world remembering who they are as they cross the threshold from girl to woman! 


“Walk in enchantment.
Occupy wonder.
Inhabit curiosity.
Move in beauty.
Dwell in mystery.
Serve magic.”
― Molly Remer, 

Goddess Devotional: A Prayerbook Honoring the Sacred


The Artemis Circle

Our children are growing up in a world evolving at a more rapid rate than humanity can keep up. Our sons have their own challenges, but our daughters are being squeezed from all sides.

From facing the loss of rights here in the U.S, to the normalization of pornography, to early sexualization, to being told they need to surgically altar what makes them uniquely female, the world can be a challenging place for our daughters. They need to be reminded that being who they are as girls and soon to be women is a WONDERFUL gift!

That is why I have created a Maiden Mother circle for  myself and my daughter and other Mother's (or caregivers) and their daughters. 

We will come together in a monthly circle centered around the changing seasons, good food, a fun project and time to speak. We hope to offer other opportunities such as service projects and guest speakers and teachers as our circle expands and evolves.  

For our daughters
For ourselves.

Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt. She is connected to the moon and a confirmed maiden, never to marry. However, she is the Goddess of child-birth and is one of the feminine energies with us when we transition to the miracle of Motherhood and watches over women in childbirth. 

Artemis is her Greek name but she her Roman name Diana is one not only present in mythology but a heroine of a generation of women who grew up knowing her as her alter ego - Wonder Woman! She has been resurrected once again for a new generation of fierce girls, ready to take on that energy.

She is both woman and warrior. She is a reflection of maidenhood and a reminder to mothers and grandmothers to remember their childhood dreams. When we discussed what to call this circle, my daughter quickly came up with this. A lover of all things mythology, she has grown up with images of Artemis/Diana as one has graced a bookshelf in our home for over 25 years. Welcome Artemis to the Circle!

Why Artemis?

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