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I have blogged and talked about food on my blog since it began in 2008. I never considered myself a food blogger, just someone who likes to cook and to eat, but more importantly, likes to share life through the avenue of food. This is my journey to explore great food, traditions and the pathways in which those things come into our lives.

Welcome to my Southern table.
This is where we eat well, love big, and tell tales.

 This is my fourth and hopefully final time moving to what is now one of the most popular relocation spots in the nation. From college to family and now midlife, Murfreesboro has always felt like home. In 2022 we sold our home in Davidson County and found a dreamy mid-century ranch in an idyllic neighborhood right in the heart of town and within walking distance to the University that brought us here many years ago.

For a deeper look into what brought us back here and making a move in midlife despite how crazy it seems, scroll down for a more in depth post. It was exciting, messy, painful and beautiful all at once. But, here we are!

With this move we are embarking on a long term renovation project. We began with the heart of the home - the Kitchen. It's been fun and painful all at once. Gosh, we (I) have made a lot of mistakes. This is my blog about walking through this process. Witch warts and all. 

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