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How Do I Create a Successful 2020?

As I sit here this morning I am filled with questions. How do I create a successful 2020? How do harness what has worked for me and shed the things that didn't to create a better year? How do I not become stuck in the same place that mired me in 2019? I wish I had a magic bullet for you. A lot of folks out there seem to have that magic bullet and I'm looking today in my email inbox to find one....or many as I look toward the influencers and teachers I have followed and look to cull the ones that do not resonate with me or help me. But, I want to tell you about New Year's Day before I go futher down the email road.

Yesterday was New Year's Day and I had no illusion that the day would be some gradiose or amazing day that would lead the way for my year. In fact, I decided to ignore the Santa's workshop gone wrong vibe my house is currently eminating and take The Moon and one of her friends to the movies before coming home to cook a traditional Southern New Year's Day dinner of black-eyed peas, greens and ham. Yum! We saw Jumanji featuring our family fave - The Rock. While Jumanji was a great movie, it wasn't what moved me as I sat in the theater. It was the preview for Dr. Doolittle featuring Robert Downey, Jr. (See the trailer here or below.)

The movie reminded me of the magic and wonder in the world and the recognition of the magic. I think that has been what has been lost for me the past couple of years. I have been so mired in the building and doing and, and, and.... the magic has simply not been a priority for me. What do I mean by the magic? I mean the wonder of life. The magic in all we do. The magic of finding the joy and the gratitude in the smallest of tasks. The wonder of knowing that each person I meet - especially my clients - hold a gift for me. The magic of knowing that my business isn't just meeting our needs of a mortgage payment or electric bill, but can FUEL OUR DREAMS! And, what are those dreams?

Below I am listing a few of my favorite online resources for business support. I do this frequently as I feel these folks have an enormous gift to share with us as walk our own business path. I want to encourage you to look at these in wonder and with awe. Don't get overwhelmed, look for the small gifts that resonate with you. Whether or not you choose to work with any of these teachings and regardless of what path you follow, my wish for you in this New Year is you will do so with an eye for magic and not simply the end result or the deposit in your account. To approach 2020 and your business from a place of gratitude and wonder will change your life.

On to the list:

If List Building is your focus, check out Amy Porterfield, the go-to girl for list building. I'll be honest, I find her podcasts to be very dry and formulaic, however, the wisdom and the information has not match.

If you are looking for a kick-ass business expert who is also a spiritual guru, I cannot say enough good things about Joanna Hunter.

Needing more organization in your life or ways to simply get over your fears and move on to success? Ruth Soukup is the one you need. (I use Ruth's Living Well Planner in my day to day life.)

Want the best horoscopes delivered to your inbox to assist you in knowing what the hell is going on?

Ready to embark on Feng Shui to create the energetic space to allow for great relationships, health and prosperity? Both Lillian Too and Katie Weber are my sources. and

I want to end today with a wish and a blessing for you. May your year be filled with wonder and awe, with things to be grateful for and with gratitude, with amazing health and tremendous prosperity and finally, a reminder that you are the deciding factor and the one who defines what these things mean to you.

-Dana, The Well-Seasoned Woman


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