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My New Planner - I Didn't Want to Love It!

I've written several times over the last years about organization and planning and like many of you gals, I LOVE me some paper and a paper planner is even better. I probably began using a planner about 20 years ago when the only planners out there were ugly brown, very masculine, planners that you picked up at the office store.

Thanks be to the heavens that at some point women started getting into the game and the more stylized, feminine planners - form combined WITH function - came into play. I have purchased planners from Staples, Walmart, Michaels, Erin Condren.....made my own. You get the idea. 2 years ago I gave up finding the perfect paper planner and went to all digital, managing my life (and my family's) on my Google calendar. It works. It definitely works. It also leaves a lot to be desired and has an emptiness about it. And, I was still carrying around a journal. Hmmm....

By not using a paper system for a couple of years it gave me the space think about what I do need. What did I find myself writing in my journal? Did bullet journaling work for me? Could I easily access my former notes and schedules and other notes I had written. Unfortunately, no. Here is what I realized I need:

Goal Setting




Project Management

I need all these things! Yet, I did not set out to find a planner. I don't think I even mentioned it outloud, meaning that Googe and FB didn't hear my words. Regardless, one day Ruth Soukup, whom I have followed on and off for years on her Living Well Spending Less blog, appeared like a fairy godmother in my news feed. The LWSL planner was on sale. I clicked like the sheep that click on bad political posts.

My goal was to not like it and to find a reason to not order it. I combed through the website looking at every page. It appeared to be all there. So, I ordered.

Here I am 3 weeks later carrying this thing around like Daphne Zuniga's character Allison Bradbury and her Franklin planner from The Sure Thing! I wanted to blog about week one, but decided to sit with this for a few weeks to be sure I really really love it. I can say that I do. If you are looking for a planner, this may be the one! If you are a spiritual entrepreneur and you are looking for a way to organize your day and your business and maybe your personal/family life as well, I want to highly recommend you keep to a paper system and take a look at this planner.

"Plan your work and work your plan." - Napolean Hill

***This is NOT a paid endorsement.

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Dana Croy is an intuitive digital storyteller and has been a lifestyle blogger since 2008. When she isn't blogging or building websites she is working in the garden or driving her children around the great city of Nashville.