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Success Principals

This is the first year in maybe 4 that I have not suffered from SAD, seasonal affective disorder. I say SAD, but I have not had a diagnosis except from my arm chair! Normally from the middle of January through mid-March I  struggle daily with keeping myself goin

g through the dark days of winter and the rains that affect middle Tennessee for weeks on end. I will be honest, I have NO idea what is different this year. (Please excuse the image typo!) Maybe it's Chiron leaving Pisces. Maybe it's my being in a personal good space. Maybe it's my giving up of meat. No idea! I'm just thrilled. But, that doesn't change the fact that we are having our umpeenth day of cold rain in Tennessee and after a while, it does affect you a little!  Add to that another sick kid. We've had strep, a flu-like virus and now I don't know what going through our home. I'm making the 17 year old breakfast, putting on the essential oils, handing him motrin and getting him settled for a day of rest on the couch.  Today I could have easily have succumbed to this rainy weather and spun out. But, I lit candles, put on music and doubled down on focus as I knew that things would be changing throughout the day. My high schooler finally has the virus that has been going around and is home on the couch, clients are calling me for quick changes or needs, I'm working for a new client that I am sorely behind on, I remembered that I forgot to tell the hubby that the 6th grade class meeting was changed to 3pm today AND I forgot to add it to the calender, I just realized that on the list of items that Kroger was out of for my Clicklist order, one was an important ingredient for tonight's dinner......such is life. Now I work while an early dinner prep is simmering on the stove and soft music is playing. Here's to another rainy day and rainy day rituals that keep us on track! 0 Comments self sweet talk 2/6/2019 0 Comments Today I had an interesting experience that has not happened to me before. It was so profound I feel I have taken an important step in my own evolution in how I approach my body.  This morning when I woke up I had a massive headache that was most likely a ricochet from slight dehydration, motrin, poor sleep - all from dealing with what I think is the flu. After my family left the house I made my breakfast and after attempting and quickly giving up, I realized that my headache had become a migraine. 2 motrin, several drops of peppermint and lavendar oils liberally applied to my head and neck and a cold compress later, I decided my only recourse was to lie down for a nap.  Now enter the reflux, which I have been dealing with off and on since my dad became ill, nearly 2 years ago. My options were either to lie there with my migraine feeling better while my reflux wreaked havoc on my body, or sit up to deal with the reflux but aggravate my migraine. Or, reach deep within as well as go without to bring balance to my body. I've read for years about this technique, but today is perhaps the first time I've been able to do it myself. I reached out to my higher self and asked for assistance and for a few minutes, began to use the Ishaya meditation technique that I have used for years. Then I began to speak to my body, telling it how much I love it and that I am working hard to care for it. I alternated between the meditation and speaking lovingly to my body. Soon the reflux and the migraine dissipated and I relaxed into deep 2 hour sleep, which was the best sleep I have had in 4 nights.  One of my challenges is consistency in all things and I hope that as I focus on my health in 2019 that I can remember this and make this part of my daily health practice! I want to encourage you to try this sweet talk - this self love talk to your body and your self.  As we approach Valentine's Day, though not part of the tradition, throw some self-love in the mix.  0 Comments Success Principles 1/14/2019 0 Comments I know you are dying to know. You may not even realize you want to know. But, I will release you from the suspense and give you the answer. No. I have not started my 2019 Vision Board. Usually by this date I have declared my goals, made my board and even taught a class empowering others to do so. This year I am moving a little more slowly, giving myself more room to dream, floating in the possibilities. I've talked about this before. We are in that void of time between the coming of Winter and the mid-way point to the Spring Equinox. This is the time to go inside, be introspective and to rest and rejuvenate. I know I'm feeling all of those things as I pack up my holiday decorations at the same time as I UN-PACK 2018, examining the successes and the chaos, the wins and the losses. Oh the losses. So many personal losses.  So getting off track and not staying in the place of positivity where I normally linger. So, I want to tell you 2 things. 1.) Start where you are and when you are. If you don't have your goals ready or your vision board made or your life planned this month for the year, when you do have those things, start there. 2.) If you are trying to energetically capture this time, then use this time to dream and to ponder and to unpack your thoughts. Take the time between the Full Moon (January 21) and the New Moon (February 4) to really say goodbye to 2018, leaving room for 2019. Then, on the New Moon  choose those seeds for 2019. Make the Vision Board. Write those goals. Embrace the possibilities! This year, the Imbolc New Moon falls on the actual day of the new feng shui energies anchoring in and is very auspicious. For me personally, that's really my GO point.  To assist me in getting ready for this excitement, I began Jack Canfield's 10 Day Transformation program. I am a HUGE fan of Jack and am exited to be working through his program(s). If you do not have his breakthrough book Success Principles, order it today and begin to apply this to your life. If you are a fan of The Secret and are either a longtime student of Law of Attraction or if it's new to you, this is a great book.  This little gem shared in the meme below was the quote that stopped me in my tracks today and was a like a message from Spirit to continue on my path and with those goals that I am setting in 2019!


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