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Visionary Storytelling for the Modern Day Mystic

​We have a primal need for story. Living in the 21st century has not altered that need.  In fact, as our world has expanded, that need may be even more important today than ever. I want to tell your story. I want to assist you in letting the world know about your gifts, your services and help you reach your ideal client. Specializing in supporting those in the wellness and consciousness fields (massage, Reiki, alternative therapies, tarot, visionary teachers, etc.), conscious businesses 

If you are a visionary or healer, I want to tell your story via a clean and concise website which reflects your business and message. If you are a psychic or teacher wanting to learn how to share your gifts, but don't know where to start, let's work together to brainstorm and develop a plan to get you "out there"!  The avenues to reach your ideal client and make your gifts accessible to those who need it are vast and I can help. Digital storytelling, print media, newsletters, social media, visioning, these are all accessible to you and there has never been a better time to share your light.

As a Reiki Master and Certified Feng Shui Consultant, I speak your language and have an understanding of your services. Having managed one of the oldest metaphysical stores in the US, I have had the opportunity to interact with many seekers as they walked their path. In  I have a unique perspective that can bring your conscious business to a larger platform.

You are a visionary, a healer, a psychic or a teacher.  You have a gift to share and a story to tell. What are you waiting for?



You have a gift. You are a psychic or healer or visionary, but you don't know where to begin. Maybe your fear of visibility has held you back from sharing your your gifts.  We work together to create your vision and bring your gifts to the world.

It's time to share your story. 

Website Design

Websites have become one of the most powerful tools to engage clients. From landing pages to fully functioning e-commerce, your website is a reflection of you. We will work together to bring your spiritually based business to life and reach the clients who are waiting for your gifts. 

Social Media

Social media sites are an incredible way to share your love with and attract your tribe. Your clients are online and you should be as well. We will identify where your tribe lives and engage with them via social media channels. This is an avenue that you want to take.

Print Materials

Your tribe is online, but they are also at festivals and fairs and events. Building on your website branding we will create print materials that reflect your vibration and attract your ideal client. You are consciousness and your print materials mirror your state of existence.


I've heard it can cost as much as $10,000 to get this type of service.  I don't know if I can afford this type of support.

  • When launching this business I made the decision to work primarily with those assisting others in enlightenment, wellness, and humanitarian efforts.  I want my services to be in reach for those folks and have worked hard to keep my pricing manageable for all.  If you are a client-based business and charging per hour, for the cost of 6-8 of your client hours (depending on your fees), you can have a professionally created four page website.

What social media sites do you recommend?

  • That depends on your target audience.  However, I primarily work with Linked In, Pinterest, FB, Twitter and Instagram.  We can discuss others and see if they fit your brand/services.

Will I have my own website name? 

  • Yes!  We will choose an appropriate name if you do not have one already and register it.  Domain registration is free with your hosting package.

I see you live in Nashville.  Do you work with clients in other parts of the country?

  • Yes!  We can use technology to our advantage.  Facetime, Hangouts or Skype make it easy to to tell your story even if we are miles apart.

What forms of payment do you except? 

  • Credit cards via Pay Pal and Square. 

Do you have references?

  • Yes!  Click here to see what my clients say about working with me. 

When can we get started? 

  • Click on the Tell Your Story button below, fill out the form and I'll call you within 48 hours to schedule an appointment.

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Dana Croy is an intuitive digital storyteller and has been a lifestyle blogger since 2008. When she isn't blogging or building websites she is working in the garden or driving her children around the great city of Nashville.