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One time I said to my father, "I would like to write a book about your life." He laughed and replied, "I've often thought you should write one about yours." My life has been unconventional. Sometimes I even wonder if what I remember is true when think of some of my adventures. Mostly when  I feel that way it is when I'm sitting in the comfy confines of my very conventional home where I live with my husband and children on the outskirts of Nashville.  

I say conventional, but it only takes a few moments to see that isn't exactly true. Our home is filled with reflections of our family, my contributions being crystals, statues of goddesses, Buddhas and books on spirituality from varying paths.  Whatever else it has been, my life has been filled with gifts and blessings right along with with the lessons and pain. 

After years of working for others alternating with being a stay at home mom, I knew it was time to create my life on my terms. I launched my business to support those working in healing and psychic arts. I bring web design, print marketing, social media support and coaching to my clients allowing them to focus more on theirs!

​My life has been filled with many Teachers, Wild Women and Shaman who took me into their sacred circles

 who have brought to me a

deep understanding

of myself, the  world around me

and the heavens above.

  • I am a native Tennessean.

  • My husband and I have been together for over 20 years! He is my biggest cheerleader, best friend and a frequent annoyance all at once. In other words, the perfct partner.

  • After two years of intense prayer and constant searching in the mid-90's, I was introduced to The Keys of Enoch: The Book of Knowledge.

  • While studying the "Keys", I was introduced to Shamanic work and the gift of the medicine wheel (along with many other teachings).

  • I became a Reiki Master in 2002 and while I do not operate a healing practice, I still use Reiki in my everyday life.

  • My spiritual mentor initiated me in 2000 as a Priestess and I have participated in and faciliated many fire ceremonies of the last 20 years.

  • Vesta (Hestia) and Mother Mary are my patron divine feminine energies.

  • In 2005, I trained as a feng shui practitioner  through the Nine Harmonies School of Feng Shui.  Though I no longer offer space healing to my clients, it serves as a lens in which I view the world.

  • I have served on boards for numerous non-profits as well as volunteered in various capacities. Currently I act as volunteer marketing and media advisor for Caring for China's Orphans

  • I am as at home in a church as a fire circle and my children attend Catholic school.

  • For 3 years I worked in various capacities, including co-manager, for Nashville's oldest metaphysical store - Magical Journey. I consider this one of the best times of my life.

  • My favorite tarot deck is Denise Linn's Sacred Traveler.

  • My top 5 spiritual books for the awakened human are listed here.

  • The Pandora station on the most in our home is called "Hipster Cocktail Radio."  Look it up!

  • My children are a huge part of my why and hold my heart. Noah and Arwyn (yes, like Lord of the Rings) are growing up rapidly and I am blessed to see these two beings evolve.

  • Each year I cannot wait to begin playing Christmas music!!!!!

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Dana Croy is an intuitive digital storyteller and has been a lifestyle blogger since 2008. When she isn't blogging or building websites she is working in the garden or driving her children around the great city of Nashville.