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Reflections of My

Professional and Academic

Work Through the Years.

Transformational Portfolio

Stories should be transformational. They should convey meaning and paint a picture. They should hook you in right until the end. I am a storyteller by nature. I grew up  in a family where stories were told and told well. They were often stories of a time gone by, when life moved at a slower pace. They were stories of grit and determination. They were stories that inspired me as a child as I sat and listened. 

Now, I am telling the stories -  my stories, stories of clients and the stories I have collected and retold through essays and story maps in the context of Human Geography. 

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Professional (Since 2014)


Cosmic Connections
Nashville, TN

Since 2022 I have created a quarterly

print newsletter for Cosmic Connections, a 25 year old book and gift store in Nashville, TN.  In addition, since 2020 I have created a bi-weekly digital product, events, and services newsletter that is send to nearly 9K Cosmic customers each week.

In addition to marketing materials, I have managed all events and in person intuitive and energywork sessions via the Acuity scheduling platform since 2020. Acuity is a comprehensive scheduling and client management system. Along with Acuity, I manage 6 calendars for the store to ensure smooth scheduling for all parties and has contributed to a six-figure increase x 2 for the store since onboarding.


Tarot Within
Nashville, TN

I had the pleasure of working with local tarot reader, Karen Linnae, to create a branded website which reflected her personality, style, and her gift of reading the tarot for clients in Nashville and beyond. Visit her website at


SOWN Global
Nashville, TN

In 2014 I began supporting SOWN Global, former Caring for China's Orphans, via website creation and management, fundraising support, print newsletters and more. See their website or view a newsletter.


Gaia Sisterhood
Nashville, TN

Gaia Sisterhood is a long-time client that brings a women's artisan craft market to Nashville and women's spiritual retreats to Middle Tennessee and international locations. Since 2019 I have worked with Jennifer Harvard, owner, to bring her work to the world through a digital story. Her website shares her work, her vision, and her event registration in a compelling and accessible way to the women of her tribe. In addition.


In addition to digital design work and business consultancy, I worked with Jennifer to bring her Everyday Magick series beyond the web. Taking her vision, I created a series of 8 downloadable workbooks to assist her members in working the wheel of the year in a solitary practice. Visit her website at


Jeff Crawford
Nashville, TN

Jeff Crawford is a Nashville based energy-worker, reader, and life coach. In 2017 I created his website, still in use. (He has added additional graphic design since, based on traditional Shipibo textile patterns). In addition, using his services offered, created a brochure for use in his office and events around Middle Tennessee. (Brochure Front / Brochure Back).

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Image by Corinne Kutz


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