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Burger and Fries

Today is the third of November.  The year 2014.  The Moon is asleep.  Halloween weekend was too much and she spent much of the morning crying and telling me how unhappy she is - all courtesy of me, of course.  The Sun is on the couch reading - a real grump today he is.  How dare I withhold candy from a grumpy 12-year old!  It's all water and good foods today all around and a good dose of iron for us all as we attempt throw off the sugar saturation and exhaustion from the time-change.

We have two more busy nights this week and then thankfully a couple of very slow and lazy days before our busy weekend.  I don't like being "busy" and usually will not use that word in conjunction with our lives.  But, truth be told, we have been busy and now that we are facing the holidays must guard against such "business" - AKA insanity - as we finish out the year.

That's why right now I am working on simple (and inexpensive) meals to fuel our bodies and that will not leave me exhausted and my kitchen as disaster.  I just finished cutting 4 large potatoes into french fries that are now soaking in a bowl of water on the stove (where, BTW, tomorrow's beans are cooking).  We love french fries.  All of us.  What we don't like is deep frying them or buying them in a bag (though if I am in a pinch I'll use Alexia or Whole Foods frozen fries).  I have seen many recipes for baked oven fries (you need a recipe?) and the one I wanted to share with you is over at Sweet C's Designs (updated 2024).Her fries are wonderful and we have them at least once a week to go with various dinners.  Tonight, it's with hamburgers from local grass-fed beef.

If you have followed me this week you'll know I'm trying to get our grocery budget down.  It can be somewhat difficult when eating gluten-free.  It can throw your budget out of whack when eating something like burgers.  I could make my own buns,'s so much easier to buy Udi's!  I am looking for a good way to truly estimate the cost of our meals so right now I am doing a lot of "guestimating".  I think tonight's meal is around $16 (this includes a small amount for the burger fixin's).  Okay.  $4 per person.  Not too bad.


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