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Inspring Women with The Shift Network

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What does living your most inspired life look like? 

Does it include connecting with other amazing women who motivate you? 

Sharing your unique gifts with the world... bringing the change you know is possible? 

What about waking up each morning, feeling deeply GRATEFUL for the day ahead? A life where you feel truly aligned in your body, mind and spirit? 

If you’re saying yes, yes, YES! to these, I have a special invitation for YOU (and all the women in your life)! 

You’re invited to join Inspiring Women with Soul,where an esteemed lineup of awe-inspiring, trail-blazing women will be sharing the essential keys for living a soul-powered life, filled with passion and purpose! 

Inspiring Women with Soul, features 30+ visionaries — including luminaries like Marianne Williamson, Alice Walker, Danielle LaPorte, Shiva Rea, Jean Houston, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Lisa Nichols, Sera Beak and so many others! 

They’ll share insights and practices that can put you on a path to personal fulfillment AND planetary healing. A path that is uniquely YOUR OWN, and yet part of the collective solutions to the biggest problems of our day. 

And, you’ll be joining a global community of more than 80,000 women — a community of powerful, kindred souls, who celebrate your heart’s desires and challenge you to live out your highest calling! 

I hope you’ll participate in this unique online series presented by The Shift Network. 

RSVP here for Inspiring Women with Soul — at no charge: 

During this unparalleled 8-day gathering of women, you’ll discover: 

    •    Key practices for self-acceptance & speaking your truth 

    •    Tools for stepping into soul-powered leadership & service 

    •    A sustained sense of peace & love 

    •    How to increase your ability to flex & flow with all of life’s hiccups 

    •    Ways to increase your confidence, self-love & self-care 

    •    A more profound connection with Spirit 

Plus, discover how to name and claim your purpose so you can make your greatest contribution to our world! 

It’s becoming clearer each day that this is a time when the qualities of the “deep feminine” are imperative for reshaping our world and our future. And if you’re a woman committed to “being the change,” we need YOU! 

Your passion and your wisdom are not only vital for your life... they’re also key to solving the issues facing our precious planet and our global family — poverty, sex trafficking, violence, political corruption, environmental destruction, to name just a few. 

Join women from around the world, and together, write the next chapter of history and co-create a brighter future for the girls who’ll one day be the next generation of inspiring women — and all of humanity. 

RSVP here for Inspiring Women with Soul — at no charge: 

Yours truly, 



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