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Keeping an open mind

Last week as I told my tale of woe to my friend Brittney, a fellow homeschooler, she laughed at me and said, "you'll be homeschooling Noah again next year." She may be right. We are currently awaiting an answer from the Waldorf school as to whether or not they have a space for Noah in the fall.  The longer I wait the more I wonder if I even want that spot.

In the meantime, we are continuing our studies and I am making plans for the Fall. I'll be attending the MTHEA fair looking at educational supplements. If you have not been, it is a great time! I'm going to go ahead and enroll Noah in one of the local co-ops. I'm a little nervous about this to be honest as they are all religious based. But, I am hoping one day a week will be okay.

But, the big thing is I am planning an extended road trip for Noah and I. I have no idea how we are going to pay for it. But, I am planning it. I want he and I to do one of two things. Either we are heading up the East Coast and ending up at the American Dowsers Convention in Vermont or we headed across country and then going up the West Coast. If we do that I a have friends and family up and down the coast we can stay with.

I wish my friend Kara were here. I really have been wanting to talk to her about starting our own co-op and having people pay or my helping her start a co-op so people can pay her. I've also been wanting to ask her if she would like to go part of the way with us across country. At least to the crystal mines in Arkansas. So, Kara, if you are reading this, file this away to think about when you get home!

So, that's where we are now. Today is our free day/playday that we have been doing since Noah's birth. We are meeting friends for lunch and then on to the park. I'm sure a good time will be had by all.

I've told Nathan I need him to take an extended weekend and take Noah to my in-laws so I can regroup. Sort of a Spring Break for Noah and I (a break from each other is more like it!) Hopefully that can happen very soon.

Well, gotta go get ready before Noah is lost for the day!

Peace Out.

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