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Love is in the earth

Over the past few weeks I have been reevaluating our home school curriculum. Not that we use a real curriculum, mind you, just a hodge podge of my own devices. But, what' a New Agey homeschool mom good for if she isn't passing along such wisdom to her little light? So, we went over to my friend Ramona's shop (Stonekeepers) and let the Croy Kid pick out an Amethyst.

This morning, we got out the fabulous Love Is In the Earth by Melody and began our study of crystals - beginning with Amethyst. An Amethyst is a variety of quartz that has a deposit of manganese giving it that great purple color. It is great for balancing out our whole system and connecting our Earth bound selves with our spiritual selves.

I had Noah hold it while we discussed it. We used the first sentence from the book as copywork and then Noah had to draw the particular crystal he was holding. It was great. It made me even more determined to make it to Arkansas near the end of Summer for a couple of days of crystal digging. We are so there! It should be right after our trip to the American Society of Dowsers convention in Vermont!

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