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Pizzalley Chianti Room

Pizza, music, sangria, great service. We have eaten at Pizzalley via St. George and through the Chianti Room with more of a sit down atmosphere and they have been great. However, the seated space is so lovely. This time we had a pepperoni as well as a margarita, salads and breadsticks. Fresh and fantastic and enough to take back to the hotel for lunch the next day.

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This is a fave of ours in SA. I only wish I had a photo of the fish and chips. Best ever!!! Also huge and can easily be split between 2 people. My recommendations: Start with the brussel sprout appeti

We have seen this restaurant for years and never eaten there. We wanted to eat someplace where we could see the water. To be honest, we had reservations about going as, but went anyway. (Tip: make res

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