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Live a Well Seasoned Life

 Life is about seasons.

They are mundane, they are mystical, they are somewhere between. It is about those little moments. It's about the momentous events. It's our wins and our regrets and what we do with the time we have.  The wheel of the year is always turning. Are you living in season?

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A storyteller at heart with a passion for telling my stories and helping you tell yours. 

A blogger since 2008, I am frequently found in my kitchen. In fact, there is a good chance anything you find here was written while standing in that space! I come from generations of Southerners who love to talk,  are master story tellers, know the kitchen table is the heart of the home, and are ancestrally tied to a spiritual call.  I have decided to put these traits to good use! My own passions are all of these things! Though mostly mundane, the reality is my life has been fairly extraordinary. This website is my story, it is my outreach to tell other's story and it is my quest to find meaning  and intentionality in the modern day world.

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Dana Croy

I began my blog in 2008 as a way to cope with waiting on our adoption and a way to connect with and support other women. After blogging for many years as Feng Shui Mama, I've shifted from being "momcentric" to "womancentric". I'll aways be (and blog about being) a mom, but the time is now to share my authentic voice about my authentic life. Get down and dirty and keep it real with my take on, well, everything. Along the way I'll be sharing my work as a consultant to women spiritual entrepreneurs as well.  

The human species thinks in metaphors and learns through stories.

Mary Catherine Bateson, American Anthropologist


I Am a
Storyteller At Heart

​We have a primal need for story. Living in the 21st century has not altered that need.  In fact, as our world has expanded, that need may be even more important today than ever. The stories I tell are not only my own.


If you are a female spiritual entrepreneur, I want to tell your story.

I want to assist you in letting the world know about your gifts, your services and help you reach your ideal client. Specializing in supporting those in the wellness and consciousness fields (massage, Reiki, alternative therapies, tarot, visionary teachers, etc.), conscious businesses and more.

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