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11 Week Challenge: Week #1 The Purse

Week 1/Challenge 1

Katie Weber over at Red Lotus Letter, says to begin the year with a new purse. Not only that, but that the new year purse color is blue! Maybe blue isn't your color, but the advice to start fresh is good. I had begun to notice that my beloved purse straps were fraying and had wondered if they would make it another year. I love this purse. It is a rare purchase for me, one that I made out of necessity. When I stumbled upon this at Ross, I knew instantly it was the one I wanted. It was the right color, a nice neutral color, the right size but most of all, it reminded me of a purse my mother once purchased. It was around 1981 and my mom, middle sister and I were at the mall and had gone into the purse and luggage store to see what they had. My mom fell in love with a $200 lambskin purse (that was a lot of money in 1981 and still is for a purse) and bought it right on the spot. She had that purse for many years and I loved it. When my sister first saw my new purse, her first words were, "it reminds me of Mama's". 

When I began contemplating this 11-week journey and made the decision to make myself and first-appearances a priority, a new purse was not my intention. However, I sat down to read Katie's 2017 Feng Shui Forecast and amidst all of the flying star information and cures that need to be put into place, this was right there and I knew it was meant for me.

I found this purse in the first store that I visited, Burlington. I went to a couple of others, Marshall's and Ross (which, btw, are the best stores for purses - high end or otherwise). But, I sped back to Burlington and prayed that this purse, the only one of its kind, was still there. It is the right color, size and has the right kind of handles and stays up on my narrow shoulders that tend to not hold purses. 

Shopping is not something I do alot. I am a practical person by nature and shopping for the sake of shopping is not my thing. I'd much rather put that energy into a dinner with friends, a hot bath or a spa day (we are doing these things this week as well!).  But, I can tell that moving into that new purse yesterday was great! Typically, I clean out my purse each month. It's amazing what I amass in that thing! That may be one reason I love the new purse. It's smaller, which means less crap falls to the bottom and is lighter on my body. 

There are a couple of final items I need to purchase to complete this little exercise, including a new wallet. I've got my eye on a hand crafted cash envelope system wallet from Etsy, but it will take a few weeks to arrive (it is handmade). And, I am ordering a Pi Yao Purse Charm to assist me in accumulating wealth in 2017 as well.

So, if you are able, go this week and pick up your new purse. If not, if it is not in your budget, go through your closet and find a previously loved purse in blue or black and make it part of your 2017 wardrobe and put a reminder somewhere on your calendar between now and March 21 to make that purchase! 

It's never too late. Start where you are.



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