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11 week challenge: week #3 behind closed doors Part i

Sometimes in life, there are things that we hide.  From our friends, our family, our partners...and ourselves. They are hidden away behind the doors of cupboards and when we open the doors everything comes tumbling out. When I made the decision to create this challenge I knew I would be opening some personal cabinet doors that needed to see the light of day, scrubbed free of the mismatched lids and broken handles. It took me 2 years to find the courage to actually create this work or at least open myself to it. Maybe that's why last week stalled for me. A migraine, full schedule, I simply could not find it within me to tackle these darn cabinets.

​Then there was the full moon. And, the dam burst. I'll be revealing more about this over the next few weeks because I believe that for many of us, there are things that will be revealed. Actually, I believe that is true for all of us. I have been in homes that were immaculate and beautiful, just like their owners, except for that one closet that held the remains of a marriage gone bad. I've been in homes that were so full of trash and animal waste that it was a reflection of how the homeowner viewed themselves. I've been in homes somewhere in between. 

Maybe your cabinets or your home do not reveal some deep dark secret or pain. Maybe they are a reflection of the fear or missing out or the inability to say "NO" when you are always saying "YES". Whatever it is that we are shedding light on, I hope you will sink into this process, the decluttering, the releasing, the reorganizing. This is the year. It is the year of the self. The year of stepping into who we are individually. I believe in this work and if only one of you has their world rocked by this work that is rocking my world, then I will celebrate from the mountain of life! Now...roll up your sleeves, pull out your bins and get ready. 

Part 2: The work begins.

Dana ​

"Order is the shape upon which beauty begins." - Pearl Buck

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