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11 week challenge: week #4 the master Bedroom

The master bedroom is our focus this week. There are some reasons why I am tackling this room so early in the game. Whether you are single or married, someone who sleeps in the  master bedroom is the breadwinner for your family.  It could be one person or it could be two. Regardless, your room, your ability to relax and retreat and your sleep is more important than anyone else's. Trust me on this. And, this is one of those places where you should put yourself and your self-care in front of everyone else's.  But, we so seldom do. 

My room is less than perfect but it is mostly a relaxing abode.  When I finish this week, it will be even more so. I have heard from many of you and the bedroom is the last place where you clean or declutter. It is a dumping ground. It serves as a multi-purpose room - the office, the exercise room, the craft room, the storage room. I get it. We can work with this. Really, we can. When I first began studying feng shui, I read lots of things about bedrooms and much of it holds true. But, the one idea that has always stuck in my mind is that it should not be a storage facility. You do not want the last thing you see before you go to sleep or the first thing you see when you wake up are all of the "shoulds" in your life.

I should exercise today.

I should put away the laundry.

I should answer that email.

I should clear my desk, finish that project, mail that check...........

Give yourself grace and allow yourself to go to sleep in peace and wake to truly a fresh day.

Below I will give you the steps I am going to take in my bedroom today after finishing this post. If you can follow along, do so. Your bedroom may be fairly easy like mine (until I start painting) or it may be overwhelming. Baby steps are the key if you are feeling that state of overwhelm. If you are not sure where to begin even with these steps, send me pictures either on FB or to and we can look it it together.  

Let's do this.

1. If you have not done so, make your bed!  

2. Clear your bedside table and your spouse's.

3. Hang up/put away your laundry. If you have clean laundry lying around, hang it up or fold it. If you have dirty laundry, get it in the basket at the very least!  Preferably into the closet or laundry room if you have them.

4. Turn on your bedside lamp if you have one. If you have a spouse, turn that lamp on as well. (We'll discuss this later). If you do not have a bedside lamp but want one, go and get one. Limited budget? You can get cute lamps for $12 at Dollar General that will work for you.

If your bedroom is too overwhelming to accomplish all of these tasks today, begin with 1, 2, and 4 as we'll be tackling clothing and shoes on another day.

Peace Out. 



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