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11 Weeks to a Clean Organized Life - Week 1

I love quotes.  I do. I hope you love them too, because you may see a few here. Anne Presuel, a spiritual business mentor that I follow always says when she is on a call or doing a webinar that she is "showing her panties". Over the next 11 weeks, you may see some panty showing from me as well. I hope you don't mind. this journey is not just about me showing you to create the life you want but bringing it home and applying all of these things to my family as well.

When thinking of this series, this CHALLENGE, as I have done over the last year, my initial temptation was to begin with the ghosts of Christmas or Channukahs past and tell you to start with your holiday decorations. But, this year Channukah began very late and with so many recognizing the Epiphany, I knew that this was not the way to go. Holiday decorations have a life of their own (a short life, thankfully) and we have bigger fish to fry. Let's assume that you have either neatly packed away your holiday hoohaha or you will by January 7 and move on.  

It's WEEK 1 of the 11 Week Challenge and this week we will focused on first impressions and self-care. Let's also assume that most of you reading this are women (not to exclude the men 'cause you are invited to the party, too). You have most likely spent the last 5 weeks cooking, cleaning, shopping, wrapping gifts, making treats for school or the office holiday party and in general, doing for others around the clock. If that's you, I applaud you. It's me, too. Now, as the holiday season is coming to a close, the kids are returning to school and the hubby is returning to work, I need a few things.

1.  Self-care and rejuvenation

2. To come home to a lovely entryway each day

3. A new purse (we'll talk about why on another day)

4. A clean magic carpet to transport me and my family each day

There are a LOT of women who are really great at these things. Their hair and nails are always beautiful, their car is clean and they have the perfect wreath on the front door. I'll be honest, those things in and of themselves do not a perfect life make. In fact, there have been times when I have been grateful for my wildly imperfect life, small house and sometimes messy car. But, at the end of the day, I know that I have lived a lot of different ways and living in beauty each and every day, makes the difficult times a little easier to navigate.  We'll be talking about this more over the next few weeks, but tonight, I want you to think about how you feel when you wake up to a clean kitchen vs. a dirty one or how you feel when you glide into freshly laundered sheets or how you feel just after having your hair cut, your scalp massaged and someone fussing over you.

Tomorrow we begin with the purse. It's your first task in the Challenge! Until then, another quote:​


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