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Waiting Children

Last night I told Nathan that I expected that CHI would receive their newest batch of waiting children this week. We have been anticipating this new group in our home for several weeks.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this terminology, waiting children are a special batch of "special needs" and older children that the CCAA (Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs) sends out to the agencies each quarter. To China, these children are considered hard to place. It's sort of funny from my stand point, however, as our agency rarely had any "waiting children" left over at the end of the quarter.

Usually, CHI receives photos and paperwork for approximately 30 (give or take) children with different levels of needs. Some are quite minor and "correctable." Club feet, cleft palate (of different degrees), extra digits, a highly visible birthmark. Some are more serious such as heart conditions or missing limbs or blindness. Some of the children are merely older children who have not found "fovever" families.

I am always touched and gladdened when I see these children come through. This is our 4th batch of kids that we have seen since starting our journey. I am amazed by the children but even more by the amount of families that want to bring them into their homes. These children are blessed and bless themselves the families that they enter.

We do not know what this batch holds for us. We hope that we will perhaps find a child from this list that we can call our daughter, but we do not know. Truthfully, it is out of our hands. We may find a child to apply for. If so, only the Great Mother will decide if she will be rebirthed into our family.

We can only hope that each of the children finds the home that she (or he) is meant for.

Dreaming of Arwen.



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