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Adoption Update and House News

Well, there's not much to tell, but here's the scoop. We are fairly certain that we are "next" in the queue for the special needs we have requested. What that means could be almost anything. It could mean a referral tomorrow or in a month. There are so many variables out of control.

The upside to this is we have sold our home and have purchased a new one. We close on June 26th and we are so excited. We purchased a 70's split level that flows great. It has beautiful hardwoods and the pink and red bathrooms have tile that looks like new. The only things we really want to change are the front door, the kitchen floor and the kitchen countertop. And even those things are in excellent condition and we can live with them for a while. I've added some photos of the new place, though the front of house photo is really just part of the house. The backyard is fabulous and we anticipate many happy times there.


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