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Are You Spirit Led?

More Lessons from the Beach.

It was near the end of the week of our beach vacation and I had been working hard on being spirit led all week. I had also used it as an opportunity to work on my business while the kids frolicked with their 

ad as well as new friends in the pool and on the beach.  What does it mean to be Spirit led?  Where does that ultimate point of surrender come?  Do we really listen and know when we are being guided? 

I had an incredible example of this that morning as I went for my early morning walk.  After leaving the condo and heading down the short walk to the beach, twice I attempted to turn right to follow what had been my morning routine all week.  Twice I felt my body being turned left.  As in my body was literally being turned.  

Deep breath.  I think I'll go left.  And, I'm glad I did.

Much like other parts of the Atlantic coast, the dunes of the area where we stayed are home to nesting sea turtles from May to September each year.  I was privileged to watch the little lady above walk down the beach to the water, have breakfast, then swim back in to walk back home to her nest.  I had seen the turtles in the dunes.  There were two nested right along the path that we walked each day from the pool to the beach.  They gave great delight to all of the residents that week - young and old.  It's interesting to see the magic that these creatures hold for everyone and reminds us that it is for good reason that native cultures have always revered the turtles of our world. 

But, what does it mean for me?

Being at the beach, I didn't have access to my go-to book, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.  You better believe I kept my mind on that book and was looking forward to the time where I would be able to sit down and absorb Ted's wisdom on this encounter.  

Last night while in bed, the Moon and I snuggled up and read what Animal Speak says on Turtles. What I learned was this:  In that moment, I allowed myself to be Divinely led. I LISTENED to the nudges of Spirit. I heard from Spirit through the message of the turtle that I need to slow the train down, there is plenty of time and that by slowing down I will be able to see the correct opportunities ahead. The turtle showed me that I need to listen more - which is something I have been working on all year.  And that at the rate I am going, there could be more missed opportunities.

I've been pushing for some things for my family which would have life altering - in a major way - impact on us.  I have been desperate for this change to happen.  Sometimes in the life of a blogger, we bare it all.  In this case I'm going to hold some things to myself.  The message of the turtle has allowed me to finally begin to see the forest despite the trees in the way.  This week, I have found a peace in a situation that I have not had for some time and have been able to give our family a respite from considering the change I have so long desired.  I know that the turtle's message was not only for this situation but for other things in my life.

Thank you Spirit.  I heard you and I hear you.


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