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Board Games and Reality

Yesterday I met with a new client that has some organizational challenges but overall has a great space and is simply looking to declutter and then pull together the spaces she has, specifically the closets. As we walked through the home, she pointed out the board games in the living room and apologized for having them "out" (they were in their boxes) and explained that the family likes board games. It reminded me of the space in my own home and the challenges we have had in storing board games through the years.

About a year ago, finally fed up with this ongoing challenge, I got real and then brutal. I've said this before, but when we purchased our first home, I asked a friend of mine who was a master gardener at the local botanical garden what his best tip was for gardening. "Be brutal." That was it. Be brutally honest with yourself about what you need and that advice has been applied throughout my life, especially organizing. Once fed up I realized we had approximately 20 board games that we NEVER PLAYED or had so many pieces that it was nearly impossible to get it all back in the box creating a situation of lids half on and pieces scattered to the four corners.

While the family was away at work and school I sorted, created a Goodwill load and then reorganized the games in a new space which works great for us. I'll be honest, brutally honest. I don't know that it is "pinworthy". It certainly is not like an image from a Pottery Barn mag.  But, this space is real and honest. It follows my criteria for organizing.  

  • Less is more

  • Easy access

  • Easy maintenance

The games are in our family den in what was my office - a closet with the doors removed that is now a very organized space for board games and more. I say to all of my clients, but specifically to those with children, BE HONEST when looking at your spaces. 

I'd love to see some photos of your board games organization. Post over at my Facebook page today!



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