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Deep Breaths

"Is this normal?  For me to be able to take a deep breathe again?"  Yes.  Yes it is.  That is what my client asked me.  There are boundless reasons we end up in cluttered spaces.  There are time challenges, traumatic life events, life changes, work, disagreements, self-worth issues, inherently unorganized individuals.  regardless of how clutter has come into your life, it can be tamed.  

Most professional organizers do more than simply organize.  They partner with you.  They listen.  They assist.  They give solutions to help you free yourself from that bondage and hopefully keep you from going there again.  

But, life sometimes gets in they way.  It would be great if all of our homes looked like a Pinterest page.  Mine doesn't.  It's clean, typically free of clutter and we have plenty of spaces to sit down.  It's not magazine quality, but the reality is most homes are not.  But, they can be neat and organized and allow us to live in them in the way we need to live.  

What are you waiting for?  A magic fairy?  If so, that's me.  Fairy dust and all.  Let's do this!


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