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Fantastic Hotel and Staff

This was our 5th visit to St. Augustine. Normally we stay at the beach and decided to stay in town in a historic home via Air BNB. Unfortunately, we could only stay in the home one night due to bugs, lizards and more and the next day we had to find a place to stay for the week. This was the only hotel in that met our criteria that had enough nights and we checked in for 7 day. Yes. 7 days. To say checking into a hotel after normally staying in a beach condo or having planned to stay in a historic home for the week was a disappointment was an understatement.

However, the staff at the hotel and the hotel overall made up for the disappointment. We were given free water bottles at every turn. Normally we don't use bottled water, but truthfully, it came it handy as it was very hot. There is always cold fruit water in a dispenser in the lobby. They offer free coffee in the lobby in the mornings.

The cleaning staff was great and a front desk person named Elise was especially helpful at check out!

We only really had one complaint for the entire week, which is why I gave this 4 stars instead of 5. The smoking area is just outside the front doors, which is fine, except it is the side near the parking lot, so non-smokers have to walk through smoke to get to our cars. In the same vein, the pool area is all smoking. We had one day when there was a couple that literally had their things spread onto 2 tables on opposite ends of the pool plus two lounge chairs. That would be fine, except they smoked. So, there was no place we could sit at a table that they were not smoking. I would recommend if they are going to allow smoking in the pool area, it is a specific section, though no-smoking is preferred!

2 additional pluses on this hotel:

1. Free bikes

2. Shuttle service! We walked or rode bikes everywhere, but by the end of the week we were so happy to have the complimentary shuttle service around town.

Otherwise a great week. Thanks Double Tree!


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