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Good news

Good news....Nathan's company is sending us to the Happiest Place on Earth! Bad news....Nathan's company is sending us to the Happiest Place on Earth. Here is a copy of the email I sent Nathan today as I begin to plan our trip:

"Okay. This is F'ING ridiculous. 4 days of "FUN" at the "WORLD'S HAPPIEST PLACE" would cost our little family approximately $800.00, and that's just entry to the park. Okay. Calm down. I'm talking to myself by the way.

​We can do this. Oh wait, let me vent some more. If there was a space shuttle launch and we wanted to view it, it would cost os $38.00 a person. Do they know that tax payer dollars pay for that and they want to charge me more money? Are they insane?

Who can afford this stuff? Apparently we are doing something very wrong in our life because we can't afford to pay the thousand dollars it takes to take our 6 year old son to see Mickey Mouse.

Okay, deep breath.

I'm sorry. I read that wrong. It's $38.00 to just get in to the Kennedy Space Center. That doesn't include a shuttle launch or lunch with an astronaut. That's extra.

I now see why Clark Griswald took matters into his own hands....and that was 25 years ago.

​The big thing is figuring out do we go before our after. There are some neat wildlife refuges down along the coast, about an hour away from Orlando. I'm guessing they are not $70.00 per day per person. So...if we planned on doing two days of Disney World and MAYBE - a big Maybe - Sea World - at $50.00 per day and spend one day in the pool, if it is warm enough, then it may be okay. Provided Noah and I pack our lunches down and back and we plan on renting the fridge in room to keep some snacks as we certainly can't afford to eat while we are there, not to mention buying a frigging pair of mouse ears......." 


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