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gratitude - august 3

Do you ever do something that you know will be great but you didn't know how great or how much you needed it? That's me at the Home for the Soul conference with graduates of Denise Linn's programs including her Feng Shui courses, Soul Coaching (my next course), Elemental Space Clearing....Tonight, I sit in my hotel with my hubby who flew down to meet me. We had a fantastic dinner where we stuffed ourselves then were forced to walk for blocks to allow our food to digest. Now, we sit in our hotel room with dueling laptops,both working in peace and quiet. Next to me is my altar that I have been adding to all day as I unwrapped items from my conference swag bag. My big take away today was finally getting the ultimate oracle card spread that resonates with me after 20+ years of wondering why I cannot read cards! I am so grateful for these gifts, these teachings and this time.


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