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Gratitude + november 1

Greetings from beautiful St. Augustine! Months ago, students of Denise Linn's teachings were invited to a conference titled "A Home for Your Soul". I knew I had to attend, but life was busy, my father was ill, my business was growing, I couldn't commit. After my father passed in August, I knew I had to attend, but instead of all of the "buts", I chose to sign up. I knew that this conference would feed my soul, allow me to deepen my knowledge, help me to grieve and allow me space to heal. Tonight, I headed to dinner and was nourished by salmon and asparagus, cooked by someone else's hands. Tonight, I lay in a bed made by someone else. Today, my gratitude is enormous in this month of Thanksgiving for everyone who is supporting my family so that I can take this journey. Now, if the drunk folks in the alley will go to bed, it will be perfect! #followyourbliss #ahomeforyoursoul #iamgrateful


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