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I Prayed for a smooth school year....

I was going to blog today about prayer and manifestation and what happens when we don't follow those principals. But, I have something else to tell you. I have been pretty quiet on the blog front, and social media front, and life front for a while. Forgive me. My last post was just after getting my daughter off to school at the beginning of the year and that blog post was titled, "Ya'll" and I said , "Praying for a smooth year." I think that was my intuition kicking in. It must have been. The year has been anything but smooth. In fact, I think the words roller coaster, bumpy road, wind tunnel - those would be accurate descriptions of our year. Who knew we would be here today? I think I did. 

Let's be honest, my life has never been smooth. With the exception of being born with the good fortune of wealthy parents, it really hasn't been smooth. And, I've always been okay with that. I mean, it's life. It's just what happens. Until, it's not just about you, it's about others (like your kids) and you sit and watch and wonder how the heck  you find yourself here.

I cannot yet thrust the curtain fully aside as we are in the midst of what we hope will be a really great transition, but I can state emphatically that if something in your life is not working, then change it. 

A long-term acquaintance of mine, a beloved member of a community that we have long been part of, and who doesn't know our current circumstances, but is familiar as a founding community member said recently on my Instagram page, "It's okay to walk away from things that can't be fixed." 

I will leave you with this. Gratitude. It matters. Pass it on. 


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