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I Have Met the Enemy

Last week we were driving home from the beach. Arwyn and her cousin were talking in the back and Noah was reading breaking news to us about a plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer of Michigan. As he read to us the story I was thinking of when the militia stormed the capital in the spring. I know we, me as well, wanted to make it all about Trump (I'll come back to this). The reality is I think a lot of those men, like the ones threatening Whitmer, were probably acting more as patriots in a way, than Trump supporters - what I mean by this is this is what they may have believed. It's interesting that these men were seen screaming at law enforcement, spitting in their faces, not a Blue Lives Matter sign in sight. I think the men who threatened Whitmer probably are much the same, but who took it too far. Not willing to just attempt to show how they feel in public, (those Michigan men at the capital had no intention of real harm) these men hid under a trap door, plotting. When Noah told me they had reached out to a group called the Wolverines, all I could think of were friends in high school, obsessed with Red Dawn (it's a great movie). They would target practice and maybe do drills (they are really great guys, I mean it). But, the Russians never came. The enemy is now in our own backyards, on our computers, on our TV screens.

"We have met the enemy and they are ours." I've spent a lot of time looking at the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, as you know. I am struck with a sort of empathy for people who feel the need to take to the streets to protest the restrictions. These people, maybe their livelihoods have been removed, maybe they have had to stand in a bread line for the first time in their lives. They are forced to stay home. The news is grim, people in many parts of the world are not faced with the same restrictions (largely due to their own country Covid response). We are the greatest nation in the world and behave a second world nation with a childish dictator for President. How can these things not bubble?

I have read through the Michigan Covid response. I read through the March, the June and the most recent guidelines and they are not any more challenging than what we face in Nashville (not all of TN as Bill Lee is a buffoon). And, maybe that's a good thing. Maybe if we had faced a similar response state-wide we would have men taking up arms.

I'm not a huge fan of Whitmer, but her state was hit hard early on due to the incompetence of how air travel was handled during the "supposed" closing of the borders that wasn't really a closing of the borders.

I wanted to watch and read and sort through the info before posting on this and once again come to the conclusion that we have a President who is incapable of bringing together a nation. He is rude and childish and divisive. There is no excuse for the President of the United States not standing in front of the nation and saying there is never room for what has been planned in Michigan and that any group, and I mean ANY GROUP, who attempts to storm any capital or home of a leader, plots harm and attempts to start war, will be hunted down and will stand trial. THAT should have been his response. Anything less, which is what he did, is failure of leadership. Period.

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