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My Gratitude Cup Runneth Over

As a Cancer, my emotions are tied to the moon. In other words, I'm on a roller coaster ride all of the time of joy, sadness, anger, you name it. Thank the Goddess that years ago the Universe intervened and put the Ishaya Monks in front of me (you may remember my having talked about them before). So, I feel an emotion, allow it to move through me, then release it.

Today is certainly one of those days when my emotions are running high! I guess I need to head over to Chani Nicholas or Mystic Mamma and check out what's going on astrologically! I woke up with the weight on the world on my shoulders regretting every decision ever made. Within 15 minutes I reigned it back in and remembered that life happens for a reason and that I am master of my circumstances - or at least how I react to them.

As the day progressed it looked like this: take one kid to school, grab coffee, make appoint for another kid to see an orthopedic doctor ASAP due to rowing injury, send email to client and fix issue said client is having, write a blog post, check email, get an SOS call from another client asking if I can do something for them.....that was all before 8:30am.

Sounds pretty easy, I know. But, really, in addition there is so much going on and so much juggling happening right now. Schedules, homework, clients, increasing income, launching my online store, home repairs that need to happen asap, homecoming, college visits, exercise. It's easy for me to forget the the Unviverse supports me and when I ask for help, well, help comes to those at Hogwarts for those who ask.

It was the email from the Sun's advisor (the one helping us navigate college admissions) that actually helped bring me back to center and remind me again (for the 100th time this morning) that help arrives when we ask. She emailed me and my soon to be college bound kid our personal to-do list based on his college applications. Not random. Not a general list that everyone gets. But, a personal list for he (and I). I nearly cried when I saw it. It wasn't that we haven't made a spreadsheet full of deadlines and checkboxes. It was that she is on our side and supporting this process. This was after easily getting the appointment at the orthopedic doctor (could use some prayers on this one that his hand is okay and just needs to heal). This was after seeing my daughter dropped at school and seeing her get out of the car with a smile on her face, which is a tremendous blessing for all of us. (It's bookfair day!)

It's so easy each day to get caught up in the spilled coffee, getting cut off in traffic, the bad grade, the clients who has a need with a solution that escapes you. Those things happen. It is our response to those things, remember the gratitude, the reframing that makes a difference. So I spilled the coffee? It didn't scald me. I got cut off in traffic, but thank goodness I have a car that got me on the road. One of the kids got a bad grade. It's an opportunity to see if they need additional support. My client needs allows me to grow and find better solutions for the next person who needs it as well.

Get caught up in the gratitude once the not so great moment passes. It's meeting those moments in time with grace and being in gratitude even when falling to our knees asking for grace that makes the difference.

Where you are living today?




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