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May 26th, 2016

A few days ago I posted this on FB: "Great Spirit, please support me in these last days of school. Please help me to not only get through them, but ENJOY them as these moments in my children's lives are fleeting. We are joyful and sad and grateful all at once. Please give them the support they need as they journey into the next stages of their lives. With thanks, Amen and Aho."

Here I sit.  4 days later.  On Monday, Thursday seemed so far away.  I have spent the week laughing and crying and talking to my fellow parents.  That is, when I am not cooking, cleaning, running errands for the kids. supporting the Moon's field day, taking her for an end of the year lunch with friends and oh - not to mention - trying to run a business and prepare for a house full of people for graduation.  

Did I mention that The Sun, my oldest, is graduating from 8th grade tonight?  I know.  8th grade.  Big deal.  It is a big deal.  It signifies his move to high school. His moving away from us and becoming more independent.  And, it means he is leaving the next of the small Waldorf school where he has mostly been since his days in the sweet Parent-Child circle with me beginning at the tender age of three.  

It is bittersweet this day.  I know tonight will be hard.  For me, for him (he is so excited and so sad all at the same time).  Last night I had a nightmare that seemed to go on forever. I rarely remember my dreams these days but when I do I know to pay attention as it is important.  Noah and many children were locked in a school.  It was a big public school.  Not his school.  The "authorities" came and locked them in...then they locked us in.  Most of the dream was spent attempting to escape.  I'll be thinking about this throughout the day.  The meaning.  The take-away.  

If you are a dream interpreter, let me know as I have a glimmer of the meaning but can always use some help.

I'll leave you with an image of Noah on stilts at the annual Elves' Faire, a Waldorf tradition (by many names).  Today, I will tell him that his time at his school is not truly over, his relationships not coming to an end as long as he tends the flame and keeps it alive.

Hmmmm...what flames should I tend today?


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