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More on the master bedroom

I was working in the bedroom, working through my "stuff" and had all sorts of thoughts that came to me. When was the last time your put yourself first? Who usually comes first in your life? Your mate, kids, job, parents, volunteer organization, place of worship, friends or pets? I walked into my daughter's room today and thought, "I'll just tidy up in here before I start on the bedroom." No, no, no, no, no. 

Had I done that then there would have been no time or energy for me to work on my space, my retreat, the sanctuary that I share with my husband. 

So, I walked away, saving her room for another day.

Do you understand that if you do not have a retreat to either call your own if you are single or share with a mate if you are in a relationship or married, that you can never recharge your batteries enough to take care of that list of responsibilities above? 

I cannot promise you that a clean room free of projects and laundry is going to make your life perfect. But, I can tell you that it can help weather the storm. Before Christmas a nasty stomach bug made its way through our home. The weekend before leading into the week OF Christmas to be precise. My bedroom was my oasis, my sanctuary after I cleaned up after family members and then as I dealt with my own illness. Had I been forced to clear away dirty (or clean) laundry or stare at a disaster in that space, it would have made recovery so much more difficult. 

You may tell yourself that this space doesn't matter. It's only where you lay your head at night. But, it does matter. There are energies circulating that affect your health and your dream state. You need calm and serenity in that space if possible.

And, if you have a mate, you need a space to share, to come together to share your thoughts and dreams and a little Make that space for yourself and your relationship. Create that sanctuary.

Let me help.

I'm working on a Pinterest page for the bedrooms, including the master. Check it out and do today's task:

1. If you have not done so, make your bed!  

2. Clear your bedside table and your spouse's.

3. Hang up/put away your laundry. If you have clean laundry lying around, hang it up or fold it. If you have dirty laundry, get it in the basket at the very least!  Preferably into the closet or laundry room if you have them.

4. Turn on your bedside lamp if you have one. If you have a spouse, turn that lamp on as well. (We'll discuss this later). If you do not have a bedside lamp but want one, go and get one. Limited budget? You can get cute lamps for $12 at Dollar General that will work for you.

Remember when I said turn on your spouse's lamp?  Make sure both lamps are on and it is an inviting space for you both.

Sweet dreams.



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