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Success Principles

I know you are dying to know. You may not even realize you want to know. But, I will release you from the suspense and give you the answer. No. I have not started my 2019 Vision Board. Usually by this date I have declared my goals, made my board and even taught a class empowering others to do so.

This year I am moving a little more slowly, giving myself more room to dream, floating in the possibilities. I've talked about this before. We are in that void of time between the coming of Winter and the mid-way point to the Spring Equinox. This is the time to go inside, be introspective and to rest and rejuvenate. I know I'm feeling all of those things as I pack up my holiday decorations at the same time as I UN-PACK 2018, examining the successes and the chaos, the wins and the losses. Oh the losses. So many personal losses.  So getting off track and not staying in the place of positivity where I normally linger.

So, I want to tell you 2 things. 1.) Start where you are and when you are. If you don't have your goals ready or your vision board made or your life planned this month for the year, when you do have those things, start there. 2.) If you are trying to energetically capture this time, then use this time to dream and to ponder and to unpack your thoughts. Take the time between the Full Moon (January 21) and the New Moon (February 4) to really say goodbye to 2018, leaving room for 2019. Then, on the New Moon  choose those seeds for 2019. Make the Vision Board. Write those goals. Embrace the possibilities! This year, the Imbolc New Moon falls on the actual day of the new feng shui energies anchoring in and is very auspicious. For me personally, that's really my GO point. 

To assist me in getting ready for this excitement, I began Jack Canfield's 10 Day Transformation program. I am a HUGE fan of Jack and am exited to be working through his program(s). If you do not have his breakthrough book Success Principles, order it today and begin to apply this to your life. If you are a fan of The Secret and are either a longtime student of Law of Attraction or if it's new to you, this is a great book.  This little gem shared in the meme below was the quote that stopped me in my tracks today and was a like a message from Spirit to continue on my path and with those goals that I am setting in 2019!

***Affiliate Disclaimer:  Sometimes my blog posts contain links to products that I personally endorse. I MAY make a profit on these links. Any profit made is used to support my family and I give thanks for each of these opportunities. Any product seen on this website is personally used and loved by me (unless it's a bad review and noted as such!) Thank you and peace be with you.


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