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Where's your focus? who holds you accountable?

Today my weekly newsletter goes out and I am admitting to being less than focused over the summer...every summer. I'm not sorry. I love being a free spirit with the kids during the summers. But, it can also be stressful as I am not working as much meaning less income meaning lots of other things.

The wheel of the year turned last week and the quickening that happens, at least for me, as we march toward fall and then winter and it all cycles again.

With some of my business coaching, my being coached, there's lots of talk of accountability and having a partner for that. It never really worked for me until this week. 

I got a call from my hubby and a verbal kick in the pants to stop getting distracted by the shininess of summer and pull myself back together. I laughed when I realized I had a built in accountability partner all along. I laughed even more when he sent me a Bill Murray meme with a quote from the movie Stripes. One of my faves!

Refocus, get accountable and seize the day!


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