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Waiting Children Update

Well, we had the good fortune this week of viewing 20 special needs children from the waiting child list assigned to our adoption agency. It is somewhat heartbreaking to see the children. They are all beautiful in their own way. Many have congenital conditions that are correctable, many have been corrected already, but a few have conditions that would require much medical attention and unremitting love and care on the part of the parents.

We saw 4 children that touched our hearts and applied for two. One had been born with spina bifida had been corrected and the other had a congenital heart defect. We did not have the chance to review either of the files and to be honest, we are okay with that.

We have Noah and plenty of other things to keep us busy right now without planning for our China trip. Hopefully, the time we have right now will allow us to get moved and settled in a new home prior to bringing Noah's sister home.

We will continue to look at the lists as they come out but cannot become emotionally attached to finding a child there. For the families who have found their children through the list, congratulations. You are forever blessed as are the children who have found homes with you.

Blessed Be.



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