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11 week challenge: week #2 the fridge - scary stuff!

You know what sucks? That you can clean the kitchen every day and it just gets dirty again. There, I said it. This is both my absolute and least favorite scene in one of my favorite movies ever. Wouldn't it be fun to just lay around with Jack Nicholson (okay, maybe not Jack) in a mansion with a servant, making love and magic all day long? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Alas, there is still the kitchen to be dealt with.......

If you had come to my home the week of Christmas, before the family arrived, you would have said, "That Dana Croy is together. I want to be like Dana." If you came today you might not feel the same! Gosh. It takes such little time for things to deteriorate. Like food. In the fridge. Gross.

The fridge was so clean and sparkly a few weeks ago! I didn't even realize how much we had spilled as we crammed it completely full each and every day during that blessed time of the light that is Christmas (and just after which is The Sun's birthday). Today, I did it again. I picked something in the kitchen to tackle. Why? Why? Why do I care? Through this process, everytime I approach a new task, I am faced with things the either keep or discard. In fact, I just loaded my car with my first Goodwill run of the year. High five! The fridge is no different. It can get really gross really quickly and fill will germs and smell and be unsightly and in general, be unwelcoming every time you open the door. 

Don't you want to love your fridge? What is in that little box is a source of nourishment and good for you or you and your family. It may be one of if not the most important space in your home to be cleaned. 

I am intentionally moving slowly through the kitchen. We started with the countertops, then looked at plastics. Today it is the fridge. Tomorrow will be cabinets, inside and out.  Monday we will round this out with drawers and cleaning the floors.

I suppose I should give you instructions on exactly how to clean out the fridge. It seems intuitive to me, but just in case, this is what I did: 

1. I pulled everything out and put it on the counters (thank goodness you tackled those Monday and have room for the refridgerator items!)

2. I cleaned the shelves, drawers and walls. I did this a month ago, so truthfully, it wasn't bad - not NEARLY as bad as it was then! Fortunately, my in-laws stayed several days during the holidays so I was motivated to show her I can clean.

3. It is now time to begin putting back into the fridge what needs to go back. This is where you check dates, do smell checks and discard leftovers more than 5 days old. If you have leftovers you are discarding, this is when you WASH those dishes and put them away.

4. Do the same thing for the freezer if you are able.

I want to hear from you. This work takes an effort. I get it. It can be hard. Go as slow or as fast as you need to move. If you want to go ahead, are motivated, good for you. When we complete this work, my hope for you is that you have released items that have been bringing down the energy of your home, feel as if you can catch your breath and have developed good habits that keep you moving when life keeps you down.

Above: Before. 

​Below: After


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