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11 Week challenge: week #3 behind closed doors part II

[Watch me on FB Live Friday, 12 Noon for a kitchen tour!]

Truth time. I feel like I am saying that a lot lately. We have to speak our truth. Every day. My kitchen cabinets are a place in which I excel. Seriously. Last year, this was a place I began as I began my own decluttering journey. The image from the previous post was actually a project I did last fall. My biggest purge last year was probably in the realm of cookbooks. I had 1 cabinet with 3 shelves plus another cabinet with 2 shelves full PLUS three small decorative shelves built in to my kitchen with more cookbooks. I am I eliminated 3 FULL SHELVES of cookbooks. I took them down to my local used bookstore and traded them (along with about 50 other books) for all of the Harry Potter books in hardback (our paperbacks had seen better days).  #WIN!

I learned early on in the kitchen that instead of needing every gadget under the sun, what I really needed was fewer high quality gadgets that could tackle multiple jobs. The same goes for other areas of the kitchen. I don't need 10 baking sheets.  Instead, I have two quality sheets, a Pampered Chef large baking stoneware pan and a muffin tin. 

What about my dishes and other items? I cannot call myself a minimalist by any means. Cooking is a big part of my world and I need certain items, as I am sure you do as well. The key is getting rid of the things you do not need (like the plastic containers with no lids or lids with no containers), so that you can effectively organize what is remaining. The organization method also needs to be maintainable. 

If you have a tiny kitchen, this task may be a short one. If you are like me and have a larger kitchen with many cabinets, it may take a little longer. Here are the steps:

​1. Put on some great music. I prefer Madonna. (My fave album is below for your listening pleasure!)

2. Get your bins/boxes ready.

3. Start on the far left side of your kitchen and go through EVERY. SINGLE. CABINET. Look at every item. Is it a keeper? Does it need a new home? Have you used it in the last year? Is it broken or damaged to point that you cannot use it? 

4.  If you are inclined (and I hope you are) wipe down each shelf while the cabinet is empty.

5. This is where things get tricky.  Go ahead and get those discards, trash, recycle, Goodwill items into their proper bins.  Now. Keep items can either go on to the counter for organization or you can organize them back into their cabinets. 

6. You now have hopefully released at least a few items allowing you to get a better sense of your cabinets. Does your current plan make sense? Do any cabinets need to be swapped? Does it need the help of organizers, baskets, risers, to maximize your space and create a more user friendly experience? One that can stay organized? 

7. Check out my Pinterest page for more ideas on the how to organize your cabinets into the space of your dreams!  Don't get caught up in making it Pinterest worthy unless you are so inclined. This is YOUR space in your home and needs to work for you.  If you need help with organizers, make notes, take photos on your phone and by all means, take measurements! 

Feel the freedom of a clean and organized space. Find your groove as you work in a kitchen where you can open doors with nothing falling out and find the tools you need to create a loving dinner for yourself or your family.  

There is one final step for the kitchen in regards to the decluttering, organizing aspect and that is our drawers. 

Wednesday:  Drawers

Thursday: Cleaning time

Friday: Facebook Live @ 12Noon

Good luck. Post pics. Share the love! And, dance.



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