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11 week challenge: week #4 Non-essentials

Let me begin today by telling you that I don't have any great images of my own to share with you (I borrowed someone else's). Today, I am in full Chinese New Year mode which means I am the driver for at least one 10-year old girl getting her from one dance to another and eating with friends at reunion lunches and dinners somewhere in between. I am grateful for the time that I am able to sit and collect these thoughts while she rehearses for tonight's big Chinese New Year performance. (can you feel the proud mama vibe?)

This week we've talked about our bedroom space, why it's important, our clothing and what it signifies, cleaned, cleared, you name it. For me, that's really enough. 

But, for many of you, there is still a big task at hand. This is those of you whose bedrooms serve more than one function. It may be an exercise room or office or craft space. Beyond the sort of energetic challenge of having spaces dedicated to movement in a place that should be dedicated to rest and sleep, I have seen very few people able to maintain these spaces with any sort of organization or cleanliness.  

I am not saying it cannot happen.  It can.  I've seen amazing images on Pinterest and HGTV and with a handful of folks I follow on Instagram or on blogs who have done it. In fact, in really looking at this, I found this great image from Crafty Nest that was part of a bedroom/office makeover. I've linked to the article if you want to take a look. But, I think the average person has a very difficult time making this work. If this is you, pay attention. If your bedroom is doing double duty, I am guessing it is out of necessity. So, let's make it work.

Exercise machine(s):  Your task is to look at this space and determine if your exercise machine is simply a another space to house your overflow of clean or dirty laundry. If so, it may not be of any use to you. So, make a decision right now. I'm not kidding. Draw your line in the sand. I'm hoping you got control of your laundry earlier in the week, but if you didn't and it is in your makeshift gym, I think it is time for a reality check. 

Office or craft area:  Ditto from above. I LOVE asking questions. Ask anyone I know or any of my clients. Open ended questions are how we get to solutions (I learned this during my years of retail!) Is your office area truly an office (in other words your work from home space) or a study area? That's okay.  Here are some things to look at. What is in this area that does not belong? Kids art work? Clothing? Empty coffee cups? Start there. Take a hard look at this space and put away those items that stand out. Now, walk away. Go to the bathroom. Then go back and do it again. What doesn't belong? 

If you have a bedroom pulling double duty create a vision. What is the vision for that space? You must include the office or whatever space within that vision. If not, you will be uneasy each time you walk into your bedroom and that does not make for a restful, relaxing atmosphere.  If you feel overwhelmed each time you walk into this space, then Houston, we have a problem. 

This is not the part of the challenge where we work on the desk. That's a little later. If you want to forge ahead, I won't stop you or encourage you to slow down. Move forward, I always say. But, if you aren't ready or if you are waiting on direction from me, then work on the parts of the bedroom we talked about earlier in the week, put away anything from your desk that doesn't belong and begin to create your vision.

Get on Pinterest and look at rooms and spaces and organizers and for that double duty room, bring it all together.

Now, my day has been very full. I am sitting here with a kitty asleep next to me and I am close to dozing off myself. So, we are wrapping up our time in the master bedroom. 

Sweet dreams.



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