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Extreme Self-Care

Today I did something I should have done 6 months ago.  I wrote a friend who is the President of a non-profit board that I have served on for nearly 4 years to tell her I am resigning. In February she took my place as President. My intention was to wrap up my service when she took over, but for the sake of supporting her and supporting the organization, I stayed on.

Now, here I am.  It is mid-summer.  And, I need some self-care.  I have supported two non-profits, been building a business, raising two kiddos, loving a husband, taken care of extended family and facilitated a monthly women's circle.  Whew.  

I know I am not alone.  We are all doing great things.  We are all doing mundane things (I personally have some dishes on the counter that need to go into the dishwasher).  Life is amazing and fun and exhausting and tedious.  It is, in short, life.

But, we have a choice each and every day to choose our priorities.  I know that I have a few more choices right now than some others and I am seriously grateful for that.  But, the reality is that my priorities are:

  • My family (hubby, children, parents, etc.)

  • Earning an income

  • A committed spiritual practice - including facilitating a women's group

  • Supporting a global non-profit working in China's orphanages

To support these priorities, some things simply have to go. This morning I cut loose something that I simply can no longer allow to take my precious time and energy but thankfully, there are others ready to step into that place.  That's the funny thing about life.  I told the Universe last fall that I could no longer do what I was doing with that group.  The options were to fold the organization or find someone else to run it.  Spirit brought me someone else.  Now, I am able to step back and let her mold the organization into her own vision and free my own energy from holding that space.

My challenge to you today is look at what is taking your attention.  

  1. Prioritize your life

  2. Set free what no longer serves you or you no longer serve

  3. Commit to what is remaining

Go in peace my friends!

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