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Heal Your gut Summit

(Affiliate links included.)  Without sharing their story, as it is not mine to share, I want to tell you of a friend whose daughter was admitted to the hospital for a surgery and 21 days later is still there due to what appears to be a secondary infection in the intestines.  I wish I could say this is the first time I have heard this story.  A couple of years ago my MIL's friend went into the hospital for a hernia surgery and then was kept for an additional month due to a secondary intestinal infection which created septsis in her body.  

My own stories (yes, stories) are similar.  Each time I have had surgery (for my vascular malformation or my cesarean section), I have developed such intense illness in my gut that I wondered for years if it were just my own delicate system.  No.  No.  No.  It is the the challenge of how allopathic medicine addresses the tie between gut health and the overall health of the body.  

I have had this conversation twice in the last week which is why I paid attention when I received Dr. Eric Z's email in my box this morning to the upcoming Heal Your Gut Summt.  After promptly signing up, I decided this is worth sharing with my readers.  

If you are wondering what the number one thing you can do to heal your body, to start today building a foundation - this is where you begin.  Start healing your gut today!  

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