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How Do You Stay In the Flow of Spirit When Life Gets Hard?

The last couple of weeks have been hard.  I have looked at it repeatedly and attempted to find the source of my stress.  In some ways things seem "normal" but when I really sat and considered the bigger picture, I saw the stressors.  Taking the advice of my vibrational healer, I diligently did what I could with the energy I had and but took short naps to re-energize.  I thought it was just me but encountered folks all during the past week that had a similar story to tell.

How do you stay in-sync with the Universe when you have these energetic lows?  This was my question to myself all through the week.  Truthfully, I was able to stay "in the flow" for the most part and in keeping with the theme of life, I was presented several other people who needed that reminder to stay in the flow despite the curve balls life keep throwing at them.  (The answer to the question is self-care, BTW.)

Sacred mirrors are everywhere and it is our job to look into those mirrors and see clearly.  I had several women show up at my door, literally, or ask to meet in a coffee shop in despair and without hope or just sad and needing a pick a listening ear. What did this women have to tell me about myself?  Were they a reflection of my own feelings that were part of my lows last week?  I think we all know the answer to that.

Thanks to my ability to "listen" to myself and to say "no" when I needed to say "no" and to give myself self-care - a bath and a few naps - I was available for others when the need arose.  Not only that, I was able to spend most of the weekend outdoors walking and completing long overdue projects such as the potting bench I have almost finished!  Had I not given myself the grace and love I give others, that could have not happened.

Today, as I sit in the sunshine on my patio and give thanks for the ability that I have to pursue my dreams and take care of myself, I know that others feel that these luxuries are not afforded to them.  For many, it is true, self-care and nourishment are not available.  But, for many others they are!  Look at your life and the patterns of lows and despair.  Find their source.  Reframe your thoughts.  Give yourself care and love.  

When you find yourself in those places, those lows and tempted to move into despair, be kind to yourself and ask yourself:  How can you be available for others when you are not available for yourself?  


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