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Lead, Don't Follow, Unless You Are Following These Folks

There's a lot of noise in today's world.  If I signed up for every newsletter, blog post, feed that came in front of me I could begin reading online in the morning and, well, never get up again.  A few months ago I realized I was "following" a lot of people and my inbox looked like my mailbox during the holiday catalog season.  I really didn't even want to check my email or scroll through my FB feeds due to the overwhelm. So, I asked myself, "Are those things in my inbox and my feed helping me or making me a better person or are they contributing to my modern day information anxiety?"

I bet you can guess what conclusion I came to on that one!   So, I did what I do to my closets on regular occasions.  I purged and purged and then purged again and got it down to whose voice I really want to hear when I open my inbox.  You may not have the same tastes as I or you may be in a different industry or maybe you like to subscribe to 15 food blogs because you are always hungry.  

The point is, cut down on the noise and examine what voices are important to you. Here's my list, in case you are wondering:

  • Leonie Dawson.  Leonie is a "self help author/artist/hippy who has also evolved into an entrepreneur + philanthropist" and is also serving as my business coach.  Yes, I pay a woman in Australia to give me business tips every day.  You may see some affiliate links coming your way promoting her materials.  I believe in her that much.  (I also believe in faeries, so there's that.)

  • The Shift Network.  TSM is a game-changer in the world.  Get your enlightenment on with the most renowned spiritual teachers in the world.  If you take nothing else away from this post, take this.  

  • Michael Hyatt.  A local boy (at least sort of local Middle Tennessee) Michael is one of the top leadership bloggers in the country and  is the founder and CEO of Intentional Leadership, an online leadership development company.  If finding direction in your life is important to you, then you want to follow this guy!

I have three other folks that I have invited, yes, invited, in my sacred inbox in 2016.  As I listen to their stories and see the unfoldment of their work, I'll update you.  For now, check out the folks above.  You won't be sorry.  

[Post contains affiliate links.]


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