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mompreneur derailed

I feel a little bad, I'll be honest. There are those times when I feel stressed and then very shortly that stress turns to immense gratitude (I'm serious about that) about my life. I've been given the opportunity + MADE the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and create my own reality. Then I remember this IS my life and I've created the stress as well as all of the good things that go along with it!

You are probably over me talking about our rough yet amazing year. Meaning from last March until really about now. Let me explain.

I have been a SAHM, a working mom (let's not argue over these terms) and have been a mompreneur now for a couple of years. This is most likely my most difficult gig as a mom. We (meaning my entire family) behave as if I am a stay at home mom and I schedule my work-time around the kid's schedules, my husband's schedules, last year around my dad's doctors appointments then later estate business. It's my family, then my clients, my volunteer work, dealing with our home issues (which have been immense). I have felt like a very large (emphasis on large) hamster on spinning wheel just rolling from one end of the city to the other and hoping that the wheel doesn't fall over. 

My husband reminds me constantly that I have control over my schedule. There are days when I say, "do I?" I mean, REALLY? The reality is, YES, I do have that control. And then, then there are the days like today. Today I am sitting at the car dealership working through my client to-do lists, fielding phone calls, working on course work from my Mastermind group, trying to get as much as I can completed so that I can go to the bank and the pet store then home for an hour of cleaning, followed by taking my son to the year end rowing banquet. What should have been a 2-hour appointment at the car dealership has turned into 4 due to not putting in the correct information about my car issue into their system. 

The good news, I've gotten a lot of work done. The bad news, my entire day is off. And, this is normal. That's the really bad news. That's my struggle. How do I keep each day from going off the rails?

This week is our first week of summer break. Our first full week. This week is filled with work and to-do's and playdates and dentist appointments. The rest of the summer looks a little more structured. Habits are important and that is what is on my mind and what I am working on for myself and my family this summer to allow my wheel to slow down and to prevent derailment.

My Mastermind work with Joanna Hunter is helping. I am creating a plan, a better plan I should say, plus my gratitude work that I have done on and off for years, but pulled together more thanks to my work with Elizabeth Purvis over at Goddess Business School! 

If you are a mompreneur, I'd love to hear from you hear or over at FB how you stay on track each day. What is your number 1 most important habit that keeps you on the rails? What is the number 1 thing that spins you off into the wild? Let's have it!!!!!


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