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Rear-Ended by the Universe

I'm on the road. A lot. Every day I ferry kids from one end of Nashville to the others, meet with clients, see friends, run errands. It crossed my mind one day that we are so fortunate that we have not been in any wrecks, though there have a been a few near misses. Then, it happened. The Moon and I were at a stand still, about 20 cars back  and a guy plowed right into us from behind. It was all slow-motion and a little unreal. Thankfully we were both okay, the car has minimal damage and as I had my foot on the brake, I didn't go into the car in front of me.

After checking to be sure Arwyn was okay, scared and shaken, but okay, and calling the non-emergency Police number, I got out to assess the damage. The man who hit us remained in his car. We pulled off the road into a parking lot and proceeded to wait (for 3 LONG HOT HOURS) for the Police to arrive. In the meantime, my husband came to check on us and took the little one home and I alternated between pacing and sitting in my air conditioned vehicle.

When the Police came and the other driver and I stood outside while the formalities were dealt with, we chatted and I knew there was something to pay attention to during this conversation. As a Cancer with Scorpio rising, I see the hidden that sometimes others don't or won't see and this was no different. The gentleman, in his 60's was overweight in ill-fitting clothing, in need of a hair cut, was in bad health and had been at the hospital getting his prescription filled (the VA was my guess), and seemed so sad and lonely. He was driving his mother's Mercury Marquis and told me about his brother who had died of Agent Orange and his father, a veteran who had fought in 3 wars. It had been 13 years since he lost his father and I am quite sure he still lives in his childhood home. No wedding ring. No mention of a wife or children. Soon, all was finished and we went on our way. I came home and we all swam in our neighbor's pool while chatting with them as I was quite sore and felt a salt-water dip would soothe my bones.

That night and the next day I pondered the events and knew this was a message from the Universe. I know nothing of the man other than what he shared. But, I believe I am an astute judge of character and can sometimes find as much in what is not shared in the story as what is. This man seemed to me to have a life not lived. He also seemed to be holding a grief that has gripped him as he lost his parents and sibling. It appeared he had no data on his phone and shared with me he spent a lot of time watching documentaries on You Tube. 

There have been days in the last year when I have won. I've gotten up and faced the Universe and gripped the bull by the horns and walked away at the end of the day a winner. There have been days when I have been worn down by grief and the weight of all of the things I need to do or places I need to go or feeling physically ill due to everything.  But, at the end of the day, or sometimes the next morning, I remember all I have accomplished and all I have overcome and the goodness around me and begin again.

I don't believe we only live once. But, I do believe we only live THIS life once. Make a good one. Do something good. Something amazing! It may be raising a family, it may be becoming a healer, it may be fame as a recording artist. It may be some of it all. Live life. Forge ahead and be your best. Life your best with no regrets. If you do not already embrace this, start today. It's never too late!


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