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Why Doesn't Somebody "Do" Something?

​That was the way the FB post began.  It was a few weeks ago when the Syrian refugee crisis seemed at its worst (not that it is any better) that a friend posted an image of refugees and this question.  What followed was a lengthy tirade against local churches, the government and more.  It was not the first of such posts I had seen from friends about the crisis nor was it the first post such as that I have seen about other issues affecting our world.  "Why doesn't somebody do something?"  My question to you is this:  "Why don't you do something?"

A "do-gooder" at heart, I've always wanted to change the world - to "be the change". But, in my do-gooder mind there are some things I have never been able to reconcile. Why do those complaining the loudest do the least amount of work? (Yes, I have seen this in practice.) Why is your child's [fill in the blank] sport more important than filling backpacks full of food for children who are going home to an empty pantry on the weekend?  (I promise you, giving your child the experience of feeding the hungry teaches them a helluva lot more than sitting on the bench while waiting their turn baseball.)  Why do people crucify the Christians but then look to them in crisis? (If you have followed me for long or know me personally, you know I am not Christian but work with lots of other "do-gooders" who are.)  Why do people give $100,000 to an elephant sanctuary or a dog rescue while my friends and I have to beg for money to feed children dying in an overseas orphanage?  Someone tell me 'cause I need to know.

Today I write this post having sent a heartwrenching letter to a local organization in which I have been a board member for three years.  The letter begged for someone else to step up to take the helm.  I.  AM.  DONE.  It's not that anyone did anything wrong.  It's not that I know longer want to be a part of something so special.  But, my focus has shifted to fulfill my work with an organization BEING THE CHANGE and changing lives for orphaned children every day. 

It's not that I have more time than you to serve.  Let me be clear.  For everyone sitting and saying "I do not have the time, the energy, the resources, the whatever" the reality is that NO ONE ELSE DOES EITHER!  But, we do.  When we are passionate about something, we find it within ourselves.

For a time I sat on the board of my son's school.  The entire time he has been in the elementary grades there I was either a parent volunteer, board member or employee and either as part of a fundraising team or the primary fundraiser can tell you that I took part in or led the raising of over half a million dollars while there.  So, for others, it seemed I had all of the time in the world.  What some, but not many, knew was I was working two jobs to have my son in that school, we sold and bought a home, my family and I traveled to China for an adoption, my daughter had 6 surgeries in two years plus two years of speech therapy, I lost my mother......I could go on.  

It seems like I'm angry.  I promise.  I am not.  To continue to serve was and is my choice.  It is what my heart and my soul calls me to do.  To think of my life without a service component is unimaginable to me.  And, to think of not passing that passion on to my children and letting them know that they can change the world is unthinkable.

Today, I ask you this - the next time you ask "why doesn't somebody do something" ask yourself these two things:

"Why don't i do something?"

 "What can i do?"


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