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Your Home Altar

There are days when my calendar is full and I am pulled in a hundred directions and many people/things need my time and attention.

I have lived in the space where I was focused and used an altar each day to keep me on my path and have lived with no altar, no intention, no consciousness around manifestation. Which one do you think gave me more peace and success?

The first altar I ever had in my home was under a bay window in our living room. It was enormous! I used a yard sale coffee table and my table contained crystals and candles, incense and statues, my journal, nature items and anything else I felt moved to add. For several years I prayed, meditated and focused while at the altar. I did ceremonial work and even brought Nathan into a couple of my ceremonies there.

That altar served as a visual, grounded representation of my spiritual path. In 2001, we moved from our apartment into our home in Murfreesboro and I packed that altar away with the intent of finding the perfect home for it on our new space.

That. Never. Happened.

Thanks to a challenging pregnancy and becoming immeresed in Motherhood, I never unpacked that box. And, my spiritual path went from a bright burn to a hidden pilot light.  And, I went from being a very focused person into someone who wandered through life.

Did the lack of an altar impact my spiritual path? That's sort of like asking which came first, the chicken or the egg. I don't know for sure. But, I would say YES. That lack of a visual reminder hindered my continuation of my spiritual path. Did I abandon my path completely or my personal faith? No. But, it definitely went from being at the forefront of my life to being like an old favorite pair of jeans that I put aside into they fit me once again.

My heart has been pulling me to once again do altar work.  It was not until recently when I began walking the path toward Elemental Space Clearing Certification with Denise Linn that I focused on this once again. 

As I moved into this space, I began once again lighting candles as a way to focus and then recently I added a small altar space to anchor this energy in again.  That altar is featured in this post.  This week I'll be adding more images and thoughts around this profound work.  


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