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11 Week challenge - a primer

11 weeks to an organized home.  That was my first post. But, it's not enough. It's just not. There was a time when are lives were so compartmentalized but that's not how most of us live now. We are working from home. We are working on the road. We have flex time. On any given day, you'll find my husband or I working from the kitchen table. I bet life is similar in your world. So, my course changed. My objective changed. 11 weeks to an organized life.

We officially begin this exciting journey on January 1, but I want to share with you that you can begin today. In fact, I implore you to begin today. But, how? What is the direction? How do you begin to take back your life and release your stuff? Just for the record, by stuff, I don't just mean your high school yearbooks (okay, I still have mine), I mean your STUFF. We all have it. It manifests in so many ways, but most often shows up in our homes, under our beds, in our closets, around our waistlines.... You get the idea.

What will we be tackling over the next 11 weeks? Here's my list:

  • First Appearances: Purse, Car, Self-Care + Entryway

  • Kitchen

  • Master Bedroom

  • Living Room

  • Bathroom(s)

  • Kid's Rooms 

  • Garage

  • Laundry Room + Laundry 

  • Desk + Paperwork + Computer

  • Walk-Through Week

  • Space Clearing

What will we be doing and discussing?

  • Meditating, Daily If Possible

  • Resting

  • Drinking Water

  • Walking or Exercising

  • Decluttering

  • Recycling

  • Donating

  • Being Honest

  • Letting Go

If you are up to the CHALLENGE, and I know you are, between now and January 1, I have a couple of tasks for you. You can do it. Ready? The first is head over to my Clearing the Way for Your Best Life Group on Facebook and request to join. I'll be cross-posting content and uploading more there each day. The second is to

Get Control of Your Calendar.

That's it. That's all you need to do before we start rocking 2017. I'll be talking about this more Saturday. But for now, file it away, think about your calendar. Download one on your phone, purchase one, draw one out on paper, whatever you do, this is your first task and I'll be talking more about it tomorrow. 

In the meantime, below is a guided meditation by Jason Stephenson to help you relax in these final days before you hit the reset button.


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