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Finding Your Purpose vs. Living with purpose

When I began my spiritual journey around 1997, I heard for the first time about "finding your purpose." I was ON IT. Within the spiritual group I circled with, we took every personality test available, meditated, visualized...I lit candles and prayed and just KNEW my purpose was close at hand. For maybe....four years...I followed this thinking.  Then, I was married and had The Sun and for that time, my purpose was motherhood. When my little guy was around 3 or 4 I did find something, finally, that made sense to me. Feng Shui. And, went to a 7 day feng shui intensive in Indiana. The path to simplifying was already in front of me, I embraced feng shui, was interested in organizing and then just sort of turned my back on it. We were diving into our adoption and I just could not be bothered with my purpose. I danced around it, for sure, but settling down to my "purpose". Nope.

As I have gotten older, my "purpose" has shifted from time to time, but each time I came back to some things that I know and am passionate about. Space healing - feng shui, simplifying, organizing, decluttering, energy clearing. It's a part of me, part of my purpose. But, is it all? I mean, it's a lot and can be all, but are there are things that allow me to shine? And, is our "purpose" purely a professional pursuit? In my head, my purpose was something to align with how I made money. But, I found great purpose in motherhood, being a wife, making a home. Is this part of my purpose?

1997 was a loooooong time ago and as I have grown and matured I have realized that we can have more than one purpose. We can be passionate about something and share it with others, but we can expand and grow and have more than one thing that BRINGS purpose to our lives. Space healing still gives me purpose. I am PASSIONATE about it and share it and teach it and make a living from it. But, I have moved the last few years into healing digital spaces as well with website development for my heart-centered clients -the healers and shaman and visionaries of the world. I am also PASSIONATE about these things. And, added to this is goal setting and winning in life and visioning the lives we want to carve out for ourselves - giving us purpose.

I've always know I couldn't go through life aimlessly. Not that I haven't wandered. Lord knows I have wandered and been aimless and confused. But, I have also been on purpose, living in purpose.

The key is not to find that ONE PURPOSE, but to LIVE always ON PURPOSE. 

And, your purpose does NOT have to be earth shattering. It can be to be the best darn mom in the world. It can be to be to be the most supportive friend. It can be to be the best employee. We are not all Oprah. Some of us can be/want to be. Some of us want to want to be that big, but on a smaller stage, like Mother to a large brood of children or head of the yearly PTO fundraiser. If it is what you choose each day as you live ON PURPOSE, then it is good.

How do we live ON PURPOSE or IN PURPOSE?

Each day when you get up, ask for a miracle, ask to be a reflection of the Divine for yourself and others, ask that you live on purpose. And, maybe, just maybe, how you respond to life will shift. Your focus will be laser sharp. Your goals will be met. And, you will be a magnet for good. It's not always great or perfect, but the alternative is not one I want to consider.  Go ahead! Live on purpose today!


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