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How I Stepped Out of Fear

Yesterday I had all of the plans in the world to do a live stream discussion of my new course, "Step Out of Your Fear and Into Your Story".  But, throughout the day I found myself in more of a meditative state and having a deeper understanding of why I even created this for you.  As we walk our path we think we've cleared everything, right?  We've been to the mountain and seen the healers and sat in the circles but damn, things just keep coming up.  This time, this time it wasn't pain or heartbreak or sadness, it was understanding and for that I am extremely grateful.

There is something that people don't know about me.  Well, probably a lot they don't know, but there are two primary things in regards to this class that I want to share.

First, I was born with a birth defect.  I thought I would include a photo.  That's me on the left with my dad and my sister, circa 1983.  You probably cannot tell just from looking but I was birth with a facial birth defect that manifested on my tongue as a venous malformation.  That in turn created a situation where my bones in my mouth - specifically the top portion - were pushed out during growth causing an open bite.  In effect, when I smiled you could not see my teeth.  It doesn't sound too bad but due to being naturally shy and introverted (okay, really, it's true) coupled with some bullying from about 1st grade to 8th grade caused  the second thing you should know, which I had a serious fear of public speaking.

In fact, I still remember one particular time in high school having to give a report in front of the class.  I was literally sweating bullets.  My face was red, I was visibly shaking and sweat was POURING down my face.  It was self-humiliation to the max.  

During that time in my life and really for many years after, I found myself in a sort of personal tug of war on a regular basis.  I struggled with serious shame and self-loathing that turned into very unhealthy habits like outrageous drinking and partying and very bad food choices.  The flip side was this knowledge that if I could simply get my shit together there would be something really great waiting for me on the other side.

Thank the Goddess that I had teachers in high school cheering for me, employers who saw great value in my skills and finally meeting a hubby who has encouraged me every step of the way.  And, one day, a switch flipped. Actually, a lot of switches flipped (on and off and on and off for years) but in 1998, I was asked to give a presentation to a group of retail managers that worked in the same district as I did at the time.  I put together my presentation and pulled it off and received compliment after compliment.   Man, that felt good!  Truthfully, I'm not sure how it has happened but I have since found myself in front of audiences speaking again and again.  

I'm telling you this because I want you to understand that for me and for many others, when we create courses and bring teachings, it is out of our own growth and pain.  We made it to the other side and want to share with the world that miracles can happen and that lives can change.  Today, take a chance.  Change your life.  Value your story.  For the price of two lattes you can download a valuable course that helps you to Step Out of Fear and Into Your Story!  


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